June 21, 2024
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Western Balkans Fund Strategic Development Plan 2020-2024

We are happy to share with you the “Western Balkans Fund Strategic Development Plan 2020-2024”, result of an extensive process of consultation with founders, partners, grantees, peers, and a wide range of external stakeholders from/throughout the Western Balkans and beyond.

The process entailed participatory inception and planning meetings (workshops) with key actors in WBF’s leadership and Secretariat, desk research, interviews with over 50 stakeholders across the region as well as a specific set of surveys and interviews with the Secretariat to build the plan on the assessment of organizational capacities.

The Strategy development process has allowed us to discuss our ambitions and to consult with our stakeholders and with our Council of Senior Officials. It has enabled us to take a step back and look at our region critically to see how we can best support its peaceful development. We hope that every reader will realize the unique positioning and symbolic value of WBF, as well as its potential to create and facilitate tangible impact in bringing the societies of the Western Balkans closer together, in a cooperative and prosperous European region that is at peace with itself.

WBF Strategic Development Plan 2020-2024