July 22, 2024
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Western Balkans Fund Council of Senior Officials reiterate their full support to the Fund’s activities

March 26-27, 2019

The Western Balkans Fund Council of Senior Officials (CSO) convened in Tirana for the first time in 2019 to analyze, discuss and endorse the List of the recommended Projects during WBF Second Call. Mr. Valdet Sadiku on behalf of the WBF Chairmanship in Office on his opening remarks highlighted the good job of the Secretariat and reiterated their commitment to promote the WBF activities in the future.

The meeting preceded with WBF Secretariat team in providing info to the CSOs representatives about WBF Second Call for Regional Projects with the focus on the assessment procedure: eligibility check, assessment phase, evaluation panel, but also on WBF fundraising activities and relations with partner organizations.

During the Second Call, the Fund received approximately 250 project applications, but only 24 of them were part of the endorsement List. Along the meeting the CSO members discussed in principle about the proposed List and their general conclusions were that it contains a well-balanced and comprehensive group of projects that will positively influence enhancing regional cooperation, neighborly relations and especially people to people links in the region.

By endorsing in principle the proposed List of the recommended projects, the WBF CSO opened the way for the final decision of the WB Conference of Ministers of Foreign Affairs to approve the eventual List.

This will open the way for starting the concrete activities of the Secretariat for negotiating, contracting and awarding ceremony, and for implementing the projects and activities financed by WBF Second Call for regional Projects.

The CSO meeting was another positive message of the good cooperation spirit between WB Contracting Parties, of their willingness to continue supporting WBF, this important and ground-breaking initiative.