June 22, 2024
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Western Balkans Fund closes the 3rd Call for Proposals with 297 applications received

As we reached the deadline by the 10th of December, we are delighted to share with you that this year WBF has received 297 applications for its Third Call for Regional Project Proposals, showing us once again that our region holds great interest to increase its cooperation, by creating partnerships with organizations and enhancing trust towards Western Balkans Fund! On this occasion, we would like to thank all the applicants for showing interest and having trust in us!

Through WBF’s annual grant scheme, finances are provided to small and medium joint regional projects. With their proposed joint projects in the fields of culture, educational exchange, youth cooperation, and cross-border cooperation, stakeholders aim to contribute a positive change into these areas together with our financial assistance. These areas of intervention seem to be common grounds of interest for many grassroots initiatives in the WB region. Therefore, WBF is more than happy to continue helping its stakeholders in making their vision of cooperation a sustainable reality.

The three-year operational phase of WBF braced our belief that the power is on our hands to change the present and future of the region, accordingly it is highly important to strengthen the necessary instruments that we have at our disposal. The quantity of cooperation initiatives throughout the WB region exceeded all our expectations, this represents a clear sign that our societies are truly welcoming Western Balkans Fund and this possibility to cooperate on joint initiatives. We are impressed by the number of Academic Institutions, CSO’s and different agencies that join their forces for the third year in a row to present very inspiring and innovative ideas and initiatives dedicated to the regional cohesion.

The 3rd Call for Proposals has been announced from the 28th of October until the 10th of December, opened for 44 days. As an integral part of the Call, the WBF Secretariat were in 12 different cities of the Western Balkans where it organized Info Sessions for the prospective applicants.

Already implemented joint projects in the past that have been supported by WBF have shown impactful outcomes; therefore we are looking forward to continuing this pace of success this year as well. In the following months, WBF Secretariat will be ready to enhance its commitment to providing a professional, efficient and transparent assessment process, so let the best projects win!