May 30, 2024

Press Release/ WBF marks its 4th anniversary

9 September 2021

Tirana – Western Balkan Fund held tonight a grand reception, marking the fourth anniversary since its creation. 

Ambassadors and diplomatic representatives of the WBF Contracting Parties, EU member States, Japan, Switzerland, and members of the civil society attended. 

The Executive Director, Mr. Gjergj Murra, underlined that WBF has become a unique cooperation mechanism and a good example to regional initiatives. “Our portfolio enabled the creation of networks between 3.400 Civil Society Organizations, education, and Research Institutions, cultural and sports associations, business and local elected bodies, from all over the region, involving more than 10.000 participants”, he underlined.

Read the full speech – Full transcript – Dr. Gjergj Murra, KEYNOTE SPEECH

On behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of North Macedonia, H.E. Ambassador Dancho Markovski, – representing the WBF 2021 Chiarmanship-in-Office – said: “When we established WBF four years ago, no one could imagine that in a relatively short period, this organization will become an active regional actor focusing on fostering good neighborly relations, enhancing regional cooperation, and promoting connectivity”. 

Ms. Megi Fino, Deputy Foreign Minister of the host country, Albania, applauded the “transformation of WBF in a functional and successful regional entity”.

During its existence, the Western Balkan Fund has financed 68 projects, amounting to 900.000 Euros. 

In the last four years, WBF portfolio has enabled multiple networks in the region, involving 3.400 stakeholders and more than 10.000 individuals.