May 30, 2024
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WBF supports the publication of 130 scientific papers

Over the weekend, we attended the WBF-funded Second International Congress of Healthcare Professionals and Nurses, organized by the Chamber of Nurses and Midwives in Prishtina.

The central theme of the congress was “Role, Importance, and Challenges in Advancing the Professional Practices of Health Professionals.”

At the Congress, WBF supported the presentation and publication of 130 scientific papers from young professionals from all over our Region.

By backing the research community and facilitating the sharing of best practices and innovation in this crucial field, we are actively expanding our cooperation and reconciliation mission in healthcare.

We applaud the Chamber of Nurses of Kosovo, the Chamber of Nurses of Albania, and the Association of Nurses Florence Nightingale in Skopje for organizing such a prestigious event.

This project is from the Sixth Call for Proposals, funded entirely by the core budget of the Western Balkans Fund.