July 22, 2024
Belgrade News/Events The Secretariat


We are happy to introduce you with the best social business ideas developed by young social innovators from the WB6 region, under the “Together for impact” Social Impact Awards’-SIA international program that supports young social innovators willing to contribute in resolving different types of social and ecological challenges within the region, as follows: 

  • ANORA – development of a “smart glove”. Such product which will easy everyday life of the visually impaired persons;
  • ZIPOVER – production of “water proof” bags. Such product enables a working opportunity for women who are leaving the prison facilities, and an ambience for their reintegration into the society.
  • TAKE CARE – development of “smart box for medicines”. Such product will easy everyday life of elderly people, without or with mental disorder.

PUBLIC KITCHEN INFRASTRUCTURE – development of an application and food distribution value chain (a network of big food producers, food retailers, and organizations (such as the Red Cross) with final beneficiaries – vulnerable families).

Three of winning companies have been selected by the jury of experts, while the forth winning company has been selected by the community members of the region via an open on-line voting system. The awarding ceremony took place in the Cultural Center “Grad” in Belgrade, on 03 October, 2019. The best companies have been awarded with mentor support, financial support of 1,500.00EUR, and a trip to SIA’s Summit in Kyev when the best awarded social innovators on an international level will gather and present their ideas.

The Awarding ceremony was conducted on a basis of preconditions made with the support of Erste Foundation and WBF’s, when 3-days “boot camp”/capacity building conducted (for 60 participants, out of which 50 of them represent young social innovators), and 10 social entrepreneurship teams from the WB6 region and Croatia created and provided with mentor support during the 3 months’ incubation period.

 “Together for impact” regional boot camp is a part of the international Social Impact Award (SIA) implemented in over 20 countries. This year, the project includes social innovators from Croatia and the Western Balkans’ Contracting Parties of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, North Macedonia, and Serbia. SIA program has been proposed by the consortium of five organizations from the Western Balkans– Razlivalište, Mozaik Foundation, ACT Grupa, Innovation Centre Kosovo and Institute for Dynamic development SFERA-NOVA, with the support from Social Impact Award International, and powered by Western Balkans Fund and Erste Foundation.