July 12, 2024

WBF staff participates at the final round of project evaluation at the IVF Secretariat, Bratislava

9-13 April 2017

In the framework of the technical assistance program, the Western Balkans Fund Secretariat staff participated at the final round of the projects evaluation and selection process at the International Visegrad Fund premises in Bratislava on 9 -13 April 2017.

The purpose of being invited as active participants of the evaluation and selection process was mainly to raise the capacities of the WBF staff concerning grant giving procedures and project evaluation and selection modalities. This hand-on training not only served as a professional exercise but also showed the continuous cooperation and exchange between the two Institutions.

Besides meeting with IVF senior staff and project coordinators, WBF Secretariat Staff and Executive Director Designate actively participated in evaluating the Western Balkans related project proposals, which constituted a sample projection of the concrete WBF activities that are about to start soon.

During the three days of the final evaluation process and the several meetings organized on this occasion, WBF Secretariat staff benefited again of the multi-year experience of IVF dealing with grants and project management cycles.