June 22, 2024
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WBF signs the Agreement with Embassy of Japan Support for the 1st Western Balkans Civil Society Summit 2020

Today, December 18th, Ambassador of Japan to Albania H.E Ito MAKOTO, together with the Executive Director of WBF Mr. Gjergj MURRA, held a meeting where the two signed the contract which represents the full endorsement towards the establishment of the 1st Western Balkans Civil Society Summit 2020.

The project implementation will be concluded in Tirana, Albania in February 2020.
WBF holds high regard for the wholeheartedly support given to its aspirations and project, and is convinced that the Secretariat is ready to enhance its commitment to providing a professional and efficient organization of the 2020 CSO Summit where we will accomplish all of our set and agreed objectives.

WBF considers crucial to continue having an active involvement of all stakeholders in its scope of work; by organizing a Western Balkans Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) Summit in Tirana, WBF will continue nurturing the bond between and with its stakeholders; also by gathering at one place key regional and European actors would further promote WBF’s approach towards regional cooperation in Western Balkans which is yet a challenge.

Some of the objectives through this project will make possible to increase awareness on the importance of nurturing regional cooperation and to promote people to people links through fostering dialogue between WBF’s stakeholders. Strengthening and promoting regional cooperation in WB addresses one of the key challenges since it contributes to the awareness raising through promotion of analyses and debates on current situation.

Introducing the WBF CSO Summit as a potential tool to enhance cooperation and reconciliation, WBF as a civil society pillar targets the audience of non-profits, media, NGOs, cultural networks, Governments and Donor community from the WB6 region which play an important role in fostering respect and sharing of common regional values.

WBF is confident that this Summit will also support the sharing of lessons learnt from the past for better tackling the future. Also the project is expected to promote dialogue among Civil Society sector around the Western Balkans as a tool for reconciliation processes.