June 19, 2024
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WBF Secretariat to hold soon Grant Awarding Ceremony for Winning Projects

On 23-24 of May the Western Balkans Fund Secretariat is organizing in Tirana the Grant Awarding Ceremony of the 24 Winning Projects (4 from each WB6 contracting parties) from the WBF Second Call. 

After publishing the List of the WBF Second Call winning Projects, the Secretariat was involved in a very intensive period of negotiations with all our future partners. The process of negotiations included both financial and revisions activities focusing on achieving stronger impact by the projects awarded. Following the negotiation process, WBF Secretariat is preparing the respective Grant Contracts and the organization of the Workshop with WBF Grantees

During the Workshop on May 23rd, representatives of the winning organizations from the WB6, will be able to know each other, to share their experiences in projects cycle management and to fine-tuning with the Secretariat staff with the specific WBF requests on monitoring, reporting, timeline and financial/budgetary issues.

While on 24 of May, in the presence of high officials from WB6 MFA-s, representative from diplomatic missions, civil society organizations, partners and collaborators, the WBF Awarding Ceremony will take place, starting the implementation phase of WBF Projects of the Second Call, aiming to enhance regional cooperation and people to people contacts in our region. The winning projects will be part of a wider regional drive, which encompasses 80 partnerships from all over the region during the implementation phase of the project.

We are looking forward meeting with our partners! It is quite an amazing experience to arrange their coming in Tirana. We are working hard to resolve all logistics and preparing all the necessary arrangements for the workshop and ceremony.

Nearly a year ago the WBF Secretariat in Tirana held the same event with 18 project winners from the WBF First Call, while this year the Fund is supporting 4 more winning projects from WB6. This is another proof that shows our stakeholders appreciate the WBF as trustworthy organization, created by the region and for the region.