June 19, 2024
MOVE Grants The Secretariat

WBF proud to introduce MOVE Grants

23 November 2022

The Western Balkans Fund is always on the move. MOVE Grants is our new Regional Grant Mechanism, tailor-made to support the needs of Civil Society Organisations and individuals in the Western Balkans Area.

MOVE Grants will run simultaneously but separately from our periodic Call for Proposals.

This new grant scheme is intended to be much more flexible than the usual Calls. We will support matching and mobility on a large scale, on short notice, through a Grant Scheme with no deadlines, open during the whole year. 

Remember, from next spring, whenever you plan your next move, MOVE Grants will be there for you.


When will it be launched?

Next spring

Who can benefit?

Everyone. Our current beneficiaries, meaning Civil Society Organisations, Associations, Non for Profit (etc), but also individuals.


It is called MOVE because it means mobility, moving synergies, mindsets, cultures, ideas, therefore bringing positive change for the region. 

Where will it run?

In the Western Balkans Region.

Why do we need MOVE?

Annual Call for Proposals are a very important instrument for boosting regional cooperation across the WB Region. Through our five Calls, we have supported hundreds of projects, creating a network of 5 thousand stakeholders. Still, we believe Calls for Proposals are not enough. We need to complement the needs and potentials presented to us outside the timeline of the annual call. We want to allow individuals and organisations to apply for short-term grants for activities involving short-term mobility, exchange or establishing and strengthening regional partnerships.