June 19, 2024
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WBF new initiative begins: Internship Program for young professionals in Western Balkans

As one of many goals of the WBF that is youth empowerment, WBF has decided to take the initiative of creating an Internship opportunity within this organization that could give a platform to the youth of Western Balkans to develop on the professional level and network on a regional level by creating the conditions to share mutual experiences, values, traditions and culture which will promote our perspective on good neighborly relations on people-to-people level.

From today two very talented young people Fiona Haxhiislami from Pristina and Boris Lipovina from Podgorica are the two new interns in Western Balkans Fund Secretariat in Tirana. They were selected from a big number of applications and will be with WBF team from 3-weeks.

WBF is now implementing this Internship Program, which aimed to provide the opportunity to up to two interns from WBF Contracting Parties. Through the support of the Swiss Embassy in Tirana, the Program is intended as a jump-start to students/young professionals to enhance their knowledge about regional cooperation and specific objectives of WBF through a three-week Program, at the WBF Secretariat premises, in Tirana, Albania.

This three-week Internship Program is being piloted and introduced for the first time ever by WBF as an opportunity for youth empowerment in the region.  A comprehensive curriculum is designed to ensure that interns develop a WBF mindset, gain the foundational learning needed to understand and contribute to the WBF scope of work, and build the competencies required for an entry-level position in other regional or international organizations; civil society organizations or other institutions by getting familiar with notions of collaboration, leadership, integrative thinking, and innovation skills, while strengthening a culture of continuous learning.

While being part of the WBF Secretariat, interns will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge in the cross-cutting areas such as but not limited to: reconciliation, good neighborly relations, gender equality, youth empowerment, cross-border cooperation, European integration.

In hopes that this pilot project conduces successful outcomes and a pleasant experience, WBF looks forward to share these kinds of opportunities for future generations coming from WBF Contracting Parties.