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WBF MOVE (3rd Call) – List of Awarded Projects

WBF is delighted to announce the list of the selected grantees in the frame of WBF MOVE – October Call 2023.

WBF MOVE received 202 interesting proposals (Call open from 5 October to 7 November 2023), showing a growing interest in moving and exchanging in the Western Balkans, greatly contributing to the social cohesion of our region.

After a careful evaluation process and after allowing all the non-selected applicants to submit inquiries about their scores, we have decided to support 28 of the most relevant projects.

The implementation phase of the 3rd Call of the WBF Move Grants starts immediately in January and will continue for the next six months, until June.

WBF Move Grants is a rolling mechanism that benefits individuals and the Civil Society Organisations of the Region. It was launched for the first time in March 2023 and has been a big success. In all three Calls of the Move Grants we have registered over 500 applications, out of which we have been able to support almost 100.

Given this success, WBF Move Grants will expand further in 2024.

The Swiss Government supports technically and financially the Western Balkans Fund’s institutional strengthening and portfolio diversification. WBF Move Grants is part of this support.

Note: WBF recognises the names of the Contracting Parties by the name of their capitals. This does not mean that the projects are selected only from the capitals. As a matter of facts, the location of our beneficiaries and the actions of the intended projects are very diverse and spread throughout all the corners of the WB Region

Note 2: We are currently evaluating the projects received in the framework of the 6th Call for Proposals (Call lasting from 7 November-29 December). The list of winners is expected in March


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