June 22, 2024
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WBF introduces FIRE Conference panels

14 February 2022

The proliferation of hate speech and defamation, especially since the onset of Covid-19, is not retreating but in full assault mode all over the globe.

This is why, on the International Day of Love, the WBF is proud to cooperate with the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Visegrad Fund.

Together, we organize one of the biggest regional events ever on countering hate speech in two regions, the Western Balkans and the V4.

More than 100 guests, community leaders, politicians, influential CSOs, journalists and much more will gather from 1-3 March in Tirana to address hate speech in seven different dimensions.

How does Hate Speech affect Regional Cooperation

Hate speech in political communication

Regulating Hate Speech in the Media

Hate Speech on Women

Hate speech and cyber bullying as youth (anti)culture?

Hate speech a potential disturbance towards social cohesion

The defamation’s risks and ways to deal with it

In the coming days, we will have the pleasure to introduce all our distinguished guests and share more on how to participate in the Conference.