July 22, 2024

WBF Executive Director Dr. Murra presented the Fund to the board of the Peace Nexus Foundation

On March 9th 2018, the Western Balkans Fund was invited to the Meeting of the Board of the Peace Nexus Foundation (PNF), which took place in Vienna.

The WBF Executive Director Dr. Gjergj Murra presented the mission, vision and recent activities of the WBF and informed the members of the PNF Board regarding the future plans of the Fund, in the context of the enhancement of the regional cooperation and people to people contacts in the Western Balkans region.

Peace Nexus Foundation, a well-known Swiss organization which supports the peace projects across the world, has a partnership with the WBF. Recently experts of the PNF were involved in supporting WBF in the application evaluation process of its First Call. During 2018 concrete actions are foreseen in designing the Strategic Objectives of WBF and for increasing the capacities of the Secretariat staff. Needs to be underlined, that WBF was the only organization from Europe to be invited to the Board Meeting, which shows the importance and relevance of our Fund.

After the presentation of our Fund, the Honorable Members of the PNF Board, made very positive comments, underlining the high political relevance of the WBF. They made several questions and expressed their full support to the mission and objectives of the Fund, highlighting also the results of the First Call. They stressed that the Fund unique experience could and should be useful for other regions in the world. During this meeting, Dr. Murra had the opportunity to meet and discuss with the Chairman of the Board of Peace Nexus Foundation Mr. Thomas Greminger.