June 21, 2024
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WBF committed to foster and support education, research and scientific cooperation in WB

Today, in Tirana was presented the regional study within the project “Creating synergy in Western Balkans for strengthening education, research and science”, supported by Western Balkans Fund. It was implemented by a team of experts from European Movement Albania in partnership with Balkans Policy Research Group, Kosovo and European Movement Novi Sad, Serbia.

The overall objective of this project is to understand and facilitate the construction of a more enabling environment in research, education and innovation with a particular focus dedicated in strengthening EU Funds absorption capacities in Western Balkans region.

“This partnership signifies a firsthand symbol of the cooperation, and the achievements of your joint work encourages future cooperation at the service of our region and our societies. We are all aware that there is a distinctive lack of communication and cooperation amongst the research and education institution in the region, therefore promoting this exchange remains one of our immediate challenges”, said Mr. Gjergj Murra, Executive Director of WBF, greeting the event.

The study provides a comprehensive map of all state structures, adopted national strategies, legislation and budget dedicated to the areas of research and education, offering a clear view of current situation in all WB in general, focusing on Albania and Kosovo, including Serbia as a case of positive experience.

According to the three parties study, the WB have made steps forward through the strengthening and improvement of national systems of education, scientific research, technology and innovation. Nevertheless, there remains a considerable difference in the level of performance among countries and there is a strong need for support and cooperation in the future.

The Conference will continue with the panels’ discussions.