July 22, 2024
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WBF Agreement is now effective and has entered into force

19 May 2017

Western Balkans Fund has the pleasure to announce that all its Contracting Parties have concluded the internal procedures and have deposited the instruments of ratification, certifying the adoption of the Agreement establishing the WBF to the Government of the Republic of Albania, acting as the Depository.
WBF Agreement is now effective and has entered into force, culminating the commitment and the will of all parties and undoubtedly the active and appreciated support of our partners in this process.

The conclusion of the internal procedures by the parties is an important momentum that leads to the launching of WBF and initiation of the concrete activities aiming to implement WBF’s primary objectives as an all-inclusive and regionally owned Organization.

This crucial step may be considered as the borderline of the preliminary phase of setting up and establishing WBF and the flying start towards the strengthening of ties and the promotion of “people-to-people” contacts in the Western Balkans.