June 12, 2024
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WBF 3rd Call

WBF launches the Third Call for Regional Project Proposals

The regional cooperation remains one of the main challenges for the region of Western Balkans, especially taking into consideration its capacity to positively influence regional stability and bring various practical benefits for its citizens and societies. To this end, strengthening of the regional cooperation represents an essential requirement for the Western Balkans contracting parties, including their EU membership aspirations.

The overall objective of the WBF Third Call for Proposals is to contribute to regional and cross-border cooperation, good neighborly relation and strengthen regional cohesion in the WB region.

Lead applicants are invited to submit a full application, in English language, by using the application package annexed to these guidelines (Annex A, B and C).

Full application includes the following documents:

  1. Annex A. Application form
  2. Annex B. Budget
  3. Annex C. Declaration by the lead-applicant

Wishing you good luck!