June 12, 2024
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Dear Partners, Colleagues and Friends of Western Balkans Fund,

We are happy to share with you the Annual Report of Western Balkans Fund for the year 2020. This third edition of the report is a joint product of the Secretariat, aiming to inform about Fund’s main achievements.

The past year has marked a real challenge for the Western Balkans Fund (WBF) and overall regional cooperation processes and the challenging context imposed by the Covid 19 Pandemic, called for a more active role to support and adapt according to the needs of the flimsy condition of the Civil Society in our Region.

While the exceptionalism of COVID-19 dared our sense of normality by imposing isolation and limited mobility, we successfully continued pursuing our goals. 

Western Balkans Fund showed commitment and strong capacities to respond to the unprecedent situation by mobilizing a series of adaptations to its partnership and support approach.

So, despite the challenges presented, in this report you will find a detailed and in-depth information about the 23 regional projects we have supported in the Pandemic year 2020.

The WBF is also proud of all the other vivid activities which took part in 2020 including mentorship and monitoring, internship program, networking and fundraising efforts.

For more insights about our work, I would leave you to check the report and appreciate the variety of our operations and its concrete results through figures and facts.

Having said that, on behalf of WBF Team, We wish to thank all our collaborators, supporters, partners, grantees and our friends! Without your constructive and treasurable partnership this progress wouldn’t have been possible!