May 30, 2024
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Visiting the IVF Secretariat in Bratislava

A team from the WBF Secretariat visited this week Bratislava, where they met with their counterparts from the International Visegrad Fund (IVF) Secretariat.

The purpose of the meeting was to foster cooperation and exchange experiences between the two organizations, which are united by their commitment to regional development and collaboration.

The WBF team, consisting of Mr. Bisha, the WBF/EU Joint Action Manager, Ms. Toska, the Diversified Grant Portfolio Manager (DGP), and Ms. Kovacevic, the DGP Assistant, engaged in fruitful discussions with the IVF Secretariat.

This exchange allowed them to share valuable insights, strategies, and best practices accumulated through their organizations’ endeavors.

Both the WBF and IVF recognize the significance of regional cooperation in driving positive change and integration. By joining forces, they aim to push the boundaries of collaboration within the Visegrad Four (V4) and Western Balkans regions, forging stronger ties and amplifying their impact.

The meeting in Bratislava served as a testament to the shared mission and dedication of the WBF and IVF. It provided a platform for exploring joint initiatives and programs that will enhance cross-border cooperation, stimulate socio-economic development, and encourage cultural exchange.

Looking ahead, the WBF and IVF are committed to leveraging their partnership to create innovative opportunities for collaboration.