June 22, 2024
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Video “Balkans through my eyes”

Few weeks ago WBF launched a Photo Contest named: “Western Balkans through my eyes”. We are amazed with how talented you are, and yet positively surprised by your response, resulting in: 85 participants and more than 400 photos received! Selecting the winning photos, to illustrate 2021 official WBF Calendar, was not an easy task for the WBF Secretariat!

Commending the winners, we want to Thank You all, for your time and for being part of one of WBF activities! We have received 400 photos representing sites, people, customs, heritage of our beautiful region, and yet representing the artistic value of how our region is perceived and presented from your perspective. And we are thankful to you all, and proud on the fact how young people of the Balkans are talented, creative and yet inspired in showcasing their communities and the region accompanied with elements that represents our similarities but embraces differences as well.

As a humble sign of our gratitude towards your efforts and dedication, in the video below we are pleased to present an overview of photos received. Enjoy!