July 14, 2024
News/Events VerityCon 2023 - Navigating the Disinformation Era

VerityCon23, the hard truths and difficult answers

Over 60 distinguished speakers, moderators and guests have confirmed their participation at the upcoming VerityCon23. At the Conference, we will speak about awkward truths, troubled realities and above all, we will try to answer to a list of hard questions, such as:

What is Disinformation?
How do we understand Propaganda?
How do we know that we are dealing with Conspiracy Theories?
How do we spot Pseudoscience?
How do we know if we have been targeted by clickbait’s?
How do we know if we are dealing with Bots?
How do we know Trolls?
How do we spot Manipulated Content?
How to verify an image?

Taking place from November 14-16 at Plaza Maritim Hotel in Tirana, “VerityCon 23 – Navigating the Disinformation Era” is organized by the Western Balkans Fund and supported by the Embassy of Japan to Albania and the International Visegrad Fund.

This conference is designed to address the challenges posed by disinformation in modern media and will benefit from the insights and knowledge of leading experts in the field. For more, follow our dedicated VerityCon space at the Western Balkans Fund webpage.