March 4, 2024
The Secretariat

Third Meeting of Western Balkans Fund Committee of Senior Officials

On December 22-23, an informal Meeting of Western Balkans Fund Committee of Senior Officials (CSO) took place at the WBF Secretariat premises, in Tirana.

The meeting was attended by all WBF CSO members, excepting Sarajevo and also by Mr. Gledis Gjipali, Executive Director of European Movement in Albania (EMA), Mr. Armand Skapi, Director, International Treaties Department, MFA Albania and Mr. Florian Xhafaj, WBF Legal Advisor.

Dr. Gjergj Murra, Executive Director designate of WBF welcomed the participants and chaired the meeting.

• The meeting was informed regarding the stage of the ratification procedures in all Contracting Parties and, based on the positive developments, recognized that it is quite realistic the starting of WBF activities in the first part of 2017. In this respect, the discussions of CSO were focused in the preparation of WBF first Call for project proposals and the necessary capacities in this respect.

• The CSO decided for the WBF official logo and discussed in depth about the Structure of the WBF Secretariat, the Action Plan for the year 2017 and for the set of documents regulating the functioning of WBF structures.

• Underlining the progress achieved in the establishment and the capacity building of the Secretariat and recognizing the quality of the documents provided, the CSO expressed appreciation and full support to the Executive Director designated and Secretariat in fulfilling the interim period deliverables, on this specific moment of the WBF creation.