May 30, 2024
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The joy of Reconciliation through Music

Exclusive interview with Marija Radovanovic, Camerata Balcanica star

20 September

Plato once said that Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything. Indeed, in the Western Balkans, Music has given life to a unique form of reconciliation. A few days before “Camerata Balcanica’s” concert in honor of WBF’s 4th anniversary, we had the special privilege to meet Marija Radovanovic, a young and talented violin player from Serbia. In an exclusive interview, she speaks about why this show should not be missed, about reconciliation, about WBF work, and much more. 

WBF. What does it mean for you to be part of such a diverse Orchestra like Camerata Balcanica?

It is a great joy, and it makes so much fun to lead such a fresh and diverse ensemble! I have to say that it has its unique energy and drive, and so far, every concert has been very rewarding.

WBF. What does it mean for you to be a role model on a larger scale as part of Camerata?

It is a great honor and just another proof that music and art bring us together and make us closer. We are not even thinking about it while practicing or performing, but it feels good to be something people look up to.

WBF. What are your thought on the reconciliation and the future of the Western Balkans?

Through playing in Camerata, I have realized the power of music and art to bring us closer. We are constantly discovering new pieces, composers, and our rich cultural heritage, and we have shared many memorable moments, which bring us together. I have made friendships for life and building a new future together, without thinking about past or nationalities.

WBF. How do you feel before the concert in Tirana, and how do you think about working with such an illustrious conductor like mister Benjamin Haemhouts?

I am looking forward to the concert very much; I have a good feeling about it. Benjamin Haemhouts is a good match with us; he is very inspiring and energetic. We always work hard and detailed, but it pays off, because then in the concert we can let go and enjoy ourselves without feeling stressed or nervous.

WBF. Do you know the rest of your colleagues before?

Laura has been a very dear friend of mine since 2017! We met through Artlink- Western Balkans Project in Belgrade, and I really like her and enjoy playing with her. Sonila is playing with us for the first time now, and I am very much looking forward to meeting her!

WBF. Have you ever been to Tirana? What do you expect to find?

Not yet! I heard many good things about the city, and I am excited to experience it firsthand. I think it will be very inspiring.

WBF. The forthcoming show is based on WB composer’s. How do you feel about reenacting those plays? How will a concert be without the likes of Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven, etc.?

We did our best to put the program that will be new and exciting for the audience. We will perform many pieces, not within the standard repertoire, some 21st-century music and Balkan composers alongside the classical chamber orchestra works. It is very important to perform these works more often; we should support Balkan composers and bring this music to as many people as possible. As music ambassadors of this region, it is also our duty to do so.

WBF. Is something you would like to say to the public?

They should come to our concert and let us take them on this exciting journey with us and enjoy together!

WBF. And finally, have you heard about us, and what does it mean to you to have an organization that helps small projects grow at a regional level?

I have been part of the other projects supported by this organization. I have met some of my dearest friends through it, learned, and improved my playing a lot, and I am very grateful to be given this opportunity and be part of the projects supported by it.