July 22, 2024
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The 5’th Meeting of Western Balkans Fund Committee of National Coordinators

(15 – 16 June 2017)


On June 15-16, 2017, the 5th meeting of the Western Balkans Fund Committee of National Coordinators (WBF CNC) took place at the WBF Secretariat premises, in Tirana.

The meeting was attended by WBF NC of all Contracted Parties (CP), representing the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Tirana, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Podgorica, Skopje and Pristina.

Three Contracting Parties had included experts from International Treaties Departments in their delegations. Also, the WBF Secretariat legal advisory and an expert from Privileges and Immunities Sector, MFA Albania attended the meeting. The meeting was greeted by the Albanian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Odeta Barbullushi.

Focusing on approving important documents supporting the WBF launching, the meeting was of high relevance for the progress of the Fund and for the starting up of its activities.

Concretely, the meeting discussed and endorsed: “The Joint Statement of the WBF Conference of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs”, “The Rules Governing the Use of the Financial Means  of WBF” (subject of final approval by the Conference of Ministers of Foreign Affairs) and “The Host Country Agreement between the Republic of Albania and the Western Balkans Fund”.

Also the Contracting Parties representatives discussed and shared opinions regarding WBF Secretariat Structure, Personnel Policies, Code of Ethical Conduct and Grants-related documents

The discussions and the decisions of the WBF CNC Meetings, both on March and June 2017, represent important cornerstones in concluding the WBF preparatory phase, as tasked by Ministers of Foreign Affairs of WB6, during their Meeting in Durres, 31 March 2016. Now, the next step is the official launching of the WBF, its further structural and legal consolidations and starting of its core activities.

The experience gained during this period, the comprehensive and positive spirit of regional cooperation shown by the representatives of all Contracting Parties, in finding the best modalities, answers and solutions to the complex and not easy tasks, represents a solid ground for continuing our joint activities for making WBF, this important, all inclusive and regionally owned initiative, fully operational, a model of a success story.