July 14, 2024
MOVE Grants News/Events Sarajevo The Secretariat

Thank you Hanan Kovacevic

Having started as an intern back in September 2021, after more than two years of excellent work, it is with a mix of gratitude and regret that we announce the departure of Hanan Kovacevic from our organization.

Through her remarkable enthusiasm, initiative, and passion for our mission, Hanan was promoted in 2023 to the position of Assistant Program Manager of the Diversified Grant Portfolio, otherwise known to the large public as the WBF Move Grant Scheme.

During her stay at Western Balkans Fund, Ms. Kovacevic became frequently the “face” of the organization in many large events that she moderated.

Thanks to her ability to navigate complex tasks with precision and professionalism, Hanan was involved in many important tasks, including our regional outreach events, project evaluation, management of projects, etc.

Despite her departure to pursue other career opportunities, we believe Hanan will always be part of our large and growing family.

Extending our heartfelt appreciation to Hanan for her precious contributions, professionalism, and tireless dedication, we wish her the utmost success and fulfillment in her future endeavors.