July 14, 2024
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Terms of Reference for the engagement of external Legal and Human Resources consultancy

WBF is engaged in an intensive process of organisational development and strengthening, with support from PeaceNexus Foundation. In the next period, WBF will grow substantially both in terms of its budget and in terms of its staffing. WBF’s current team of 7 experts coming from the region is funded by the contributions of WBF’s Contracting Parties2. Starting from the month of October, additional team members will join the organisation as a result of increase of financial contributions from external donors.

To best prepare for growth, WBF is looking to strengthen its key internal systems, including on human resources rules, policies and management. This process of strengthening shall be integrated as per recommendations deriving from audits, organisational assessment and analyses and aligned with a wider organisational development agenda that WBF is committed to.

Until now, WBF operated largely with its core budget provided by its Contracting Parties (CP), and all WBF’s staff have been paid from the CP contributions. With new donor support WBF will have project-based staff as well, the organisation is looking to further develop its human resources management, harmonise the related rules and procedures, and clearly delineate roles and responsibilities across its team.

This assignment is meant to lead towards the definition or improvement of the contractual modalities for all WBF’s staff and to the development of an organisational HR policy.

ToR, submission of the application and more on the following link:TOR for the engagement of external Legal and Human Resources consultancy