July 22, 2024
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Supporting anti-gender narratives

We believe that equality, diversity, inclusion, and progress are paramount to ensuring a European future for the Western Balkans Region.

That’s why we have decided to support the mobility of the well-known Skopje activist, Frosina Krushkarovska, to Belgrade.

For over a week, together with the Center for Women’s Studies, she interviewed young women and researchers at the forefront of the fight against anti-gender narratives.

Among others, the inspirational stories shared by Marijana Stojcic, Zorana Antonijevic, Adriana Zaharijevic, Nadja Bobicicic, Aleksa Milanovic, and Milica Resanovic provided invaluable perspectives to this Move Grant-supported project.

We applaud Frosina and look forward to supporting more projects of this type.