April 20, 2024
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Strengthening Cooperation: WBF Team visits Swiss Embassy to Tirana

Yesterday on 27th of March 2024, The Executive Director of WBF, Mr. Gjergj Murra and his Team had a very fruitful meeting with the Swiss Ambassador, Mrs. Ruth Huber and representatives of the Embassy of Switzerland in Albania.

The meeting served not only as a joint reflection session on the results and lessons learned of WBF 2023 activities, but also as an opportunity to discuss how to further strengthen the cooperation between both parties and prepare the ground for possible future cooperations to ensure regional cohesion, good neighborly relations and strengthening of people-to-people links.

Western Balkans Fund is eager to expand its activities in the region and strengthening its position not only by forging new partnerships with likeminded organization and donors but also by further strengthening and nurturing its present partnerships which are of outmost importance to the WBF growth and success.

As such, the Swiss support provided to WBF as core budget for the period 2021-2025, is considered a crucial partnership which has contributed to further strengthen WBF organizational and programmatic capacities.

By joining hands, Swiss Embassy in Tirana and the Western Balkan Fund will further contribute to the higher mission of witnessing the Western Balkans region get closer to the European Union.