July 14, 2024

Staff Retreat: Planning for the future at Ohrid Lake

From Tuesday to Thursday, against the magnificent backdrop of Ohrid Lake in the beautiful city of Ohrid, the WBF Secretariat embarked on an important team retreat.

It took place as we conclude a very busy first half of the year and brace for more important and challenging tasks in the second half. This is why we seized this moment to plan our next steps carefully. Key topics of great interest during the retreat included:

  • Annual planning of our grant schemes
  • Decision-making on the future of ERC Grants
  • Decision-making on the schedule and other details of the Annual Call for Proposals
  • Focus on future Move Grants Call for Proposals
  • Current and future partnerships
  • Best practices in financial management
  • Strategies for a better public outreach, and many more

    This retreat allows us to align our goals, refine our strategies, and strengthen our commitment to our mission.