June 12, 2024
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Request for external experts

15 October

Currently, WBF is in the preparatory period of launching the Diversified Grant Portfolio (DGP) which is foreseen in the Strategic Plan of the Fund. It will broaden the range of supporting projects and uplift regional cooperation.

DGP includes a special-purpose, more targeted, and focused grant-making strategy. These new types of grants are a unique form of financial support and provide a secure base of resources that will push forward projects that push forward people-to-people links and facilitate long-term regional partnerships.

This funding support will include not only financial but also coaching and mentoring support. Aside from, but in full cohesion with the WBF annual open calls, this instrument will provide a variety of funding and technical support packages designated around the needs and particularities of our stakeholders across the region.

WBF is seeking External Expertise who will assist the team in developing grant-making procedures for the Diversified Grant Portfolio. WBF in order to ensure a higher number of applications aims to develop the application procedure in a user friendlily manner which will enable a wide range of organizations to seek support.