May 30, 2024
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Prizren, the launchpad to a 300 Billion Euros industry

Prizren is a city famous for its fine jewellery, craftsmanship in silver, colourful mosques and churches, stone bridges, and the ancient Byzantine Castle built on top of the hill, in a site continuously inhabited since the Bronze Age.

Thanks to the WBF/EU Joint Action, this city that has spoken so many languages throughout history last week spoke the language of Artificial Intelligence.

Game Jam VIII edition brought in Prizren 70 youngsters from all over the Western Balkan Region.

Handpicked mentors introduced them to a booming industry valued at 300 Billion Euros: The Gaming Industry.

During their stay, the youngsters split into groups, each being asked to develop a smartphone game.

Since the first edition, many of the young developers launched by Game Jam have ended up working for some of the leading Game Development Companies, such as EA Sports, SEGA, etc., or have become leading freelance developers.

We are confident that the largest format of the Game Jam editions, organised by the IPKO Foundation, will bring long-lasting results among the direct beneficiaries and many others inspired by the many success stories.

This project is part of WBF 5th Call for Proposals, co-funded by the European Union – IPA, Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance.