June 21, 2024
The Secretariat Unstoppable Conference

PRESS RELEASE | Unstoppable International Conference

23 FEBRUARY, TIRANA | Unstoppable, a multi-structured international Conference promoting gender equality in all level of governments, private sector and non-government agencies concluded today.

For four days, from 20-23 February 2023, the Conference dealt with a multi of topics across the human rights spectrum, enhancing knowledge and strengthening the network of professionals coming from WB6, V4 regions, Japan, Switzerland and EU countries.

During the many sessions and associated events, we were able to uncover the right skills in addressing any form of discrimination and deliver a more grounded and empowering message in regard to the translation of the cross-cutting-edge leadership science into sustainable actions.

Headlining more than 60 selected speakers and more than 150 distinguished participants from 20+ countries, the Unstoppable has already become one of the largest Regional Conferences of 2023.

It was organised by the Western Balkans Fund, thanks to the precious financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, the International Visegrad Fund and Forum 2000.

After the Civil Society Summit, Covid-19 Impact on Civil Society Papers, FIRE Conference against hate speech and discrimination, Unstoppable is the fourth large international event organised with the support of the Japanese Government.

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