May 30, 2024

2nd Call for Proposals of the WBF Move Grants

The 2nd Call for Proposals of the WBF Move Grants was launched in June-July 2023.

It surpassed the first CFP of March, with 193 total applications received (113 eligible).

Implementation phase started in September 2023.

List of the Awarded Applicants

No.Protocol NumberApplicant NameTitle of projectCP of applicant
1PN:MO-2-004Shukrije RamaPhysical access to higher education institutions  for students with disabilitiesPrishtina
2PN:MO-2-006Stevo PopovicThe 2023 National Report on Physical Exercise and Performance in Esports Players for Serbia: Content AnalysisPodgorica
3PN: MO-2-007Irma DurmiševićEducation and application of 3D cell models in cytogenotoxic researchesSarajevo
4PN:MO-2-009Engjellushe ZenelajStandards Of Scientific Writing And Indexing Of Scientific Journals By Impact FactorTirana
5PN:MO-2-011Egzona  OsmaniModification and Characterization of the hybrid Fly ash/Carbon nanotube sorbentPrishtina
6PN: MO-2-014Ridvan PeshkopiaPolitical Science Students and the Political Science Profession 2023Prishtina
7PN:MO-2-015Fatos ShehuParticipating in “Advanced Mathematical and Computational Tools in Metrology and Testing 2023”  conference. (
8PN: MO-2-016Natasha Petrova-PopovskiParticipation at a conferenceSkopje
9PN:MO-2-017Elena Kitanovska-RistoskaConference participationSkopje
10PN:MO-2-019Uroš ĆemalovićMajor Environmental Challenges and EU Accession – Comparative Assessment of the Relevant Public Policies and Legislation in Albania and SerbiaBelgrade
11PN: MO-2-021Ljubisa MicicBusiness Informatics Study Program – knowledge exchange!Sarajevo
12PN: MO-2-023Emin DurmishiFirst National Mathematicsl Conference – AlbaniaSkopje
13PN:MO-2-027Adnan PrekićCreation of a thematic collection of documents for teaching the Modern History of Montenegro coursePodgorica
14PN: MO-2-034Danijela RadulovićAI and the future of the film industryPodgorica
15PN:MO-2-035Neda MaenzaFostering Stability in the Western Balkans: The Role of Language Learning, Intercultural Understanding and Inclusive InternationalizationBelgrade
16PN: MO-2-038Fiona JusufiEmpowering Balkan Women in Digital Economics: Doctoral Student Research Project in the WB Region with an accent on North Macedonia and AlbaniaSkopje
17PN: MO-2-043Liron GjocajPath to a Coal Phase-Out for Kosovo and WBPrishtina
18PN:MO-2-045Ana PanevaResearch exchange in Civil LawSkopje
19PN: MO-2-053Aida GlavinicAttending 1st European Symposium on Animal ReproductionSarajevo
20PN:MO-2-057Kristijan SalamovskiFostering regional cooperation through collaboration in science in the BalkansSkopje
21PN: MO-2-063Mirko RadovanacCycling Into Nature And History Between The Danube And The AdriaticBelgrade
22PN:MO-2-064Tijana TrbojevićCross-border cooperation in the research of the endangered Mediterranean species, the Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx)Sarajevo
23PN: MO-2-067Dimitrijevic SashaWheelchair basketball- beyond bordersSkopje
24PN: MO-2-073Darko Petrovic Honestly about the employment of PWDs in the Western BalkansBelgrade
25PN: MO-2-080Dhurata ProkshiInclusion of ethnic minorities in North Macedonia – Roma community as a casePrishtina
26PN:MO-2-083Liri KuciUnveiling Power Structures and Intersectionality: Examining the Feminist Movement Dynamics in Post-Socialist AlbaniaTirana
27PN: MO-2-089Merima SelimovicAttending the General Assembly of Erasmus Student Network ItalySarajevo
28PN:MO-2-092Mihajlo DjukicThe Use of Rapid Evaluations for Improved Policy Making Practices in the Western BalkansBelgrade
29PN:MO-2-097Mediha Kovačević-JovanovićRediscoverySarajevo
30PN: MO-2-100Miljan GrbaExploring innovative agriculture worldPodgorica
31PN:MO-2-109Haxhire DhiariBuilding construction, circularity and sustainability approach in coastline cities: A case study of Albania and Montenegro.Tirana
32PN: MO-2-111Ema AndreaA journey to ‘Negotiating Peace’Tirana
33PN: MO-2-112Olsi Sherifi“Stories we share, bring us closer, make us stronger”Tirana
34PN:MO-2-113Tanja DimitrijevićGood morning from KosovoBelgrade