June 21, 2024
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National Visegrad Coordinators and WBF Senior Officials Meeting

On January 21st , with joint efforts of Republic of North Macedonia, Chair in Office of WBF and Polish Presidency of V4 Group and with the support of both Funds,  the meeting between the Western Balkans Fund Senior Officials (WBF CSO) and International Visegrad Fund National Coordinators (IVF NC) was organized.  The meeting has solidified already existing partnership among WB6 and V4 Group. More than 25 participants from all ten MFA-s representing both Funds were present in the virtual meeting.  The discussions were focused on the continuation of the cooperation between the two Funds in terms of sustainability and progressive growth of WBF, exploring potential new areas of collaboration and sharing practical experiences from the work of IVF, as a successful instrument of regional cooperation, which is about to celebrate its 20-th anniversary.

V4 Group representatives reaffirmed their support towards long-standing regional cooperation, stability, development and European perspective of the WB region. They reiterated their strong committed towards WBF, in building good neighborly relations, mutual trust across the Western Balkans, through enhancing people to people links and activities of Civil Society Organizations in the entire region.