May 30, 2024

National TV Channel: “4 years since creation, WBF has changed 10.000 lives”

“Four years since creation, Western Balkans Fund has changed the lives of at least 10.000 people”. This is what A1 Report TV, one of the largest regional media channels, writes today.

Attached, the full English transcript

In the 4 years since its establishment, the Western Balkans Fund has directly impacted the lives of at least 10,000 people across the region.

It has done so by financing several dozen projects and establishing a network consisting of 3,400 civil society organizations, research institutions, cultural organizations, sports associations, etc.

These data were made known by the Executive Director of the Western Balkans Fund, Gjergj Murra, in a gala evening organized on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the organization.

The Balkans has always exported more stories than it could consume, Winston Churchill once said, but according to Mr. Murra, finally the region is exporting also noticeable success stories: “We are proud that during all this time, our Fund has become a unique mechanism of cooperation in terms of regional initiatives,” he said.

The Western Balkans Fund was established in September 2017 as part of an initiative by the Foreign Ministries of the six countries in the region to fund joint projects in the fields of culture, science, research, student exchange and sustainable development. Ambassadors and representatives of the diplomatic corps of the founding countries, European and other partners of the Fund were present at the gala evening, held tonight (September 9, 2021) in Tirana.

At the same time, this evening was attended by past beneficiaries, who shared their success stories. Over the next month, the Western Balkans Fund is expected to open the next call for funding of joint projects, which can benefit students, artists, athletes, representatives of civil society organizations, etc.

The only condition is the presentation of a project that will be implemented in some or as many countries of the Western Balkans.