June 22, 2024
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Move Grants | From Tirana ✈︎ Belgrade and from Belgrade ✈︎ Podgorica

Thanks to Move Grants, mobility in the Region has never been easier!

Over the past days, two distinguished professors have embarked on enriching journeys around the Western Balkans, engaging with students from different Contracting Parties.

From Tirana to Belgrade:

Professor Dael Dervishi, PhD, a Law professor from Luarasi University in Tirana, is conducting a lecture series at Singidunum University in Belgrade, focusing on Business and Corporate Law. The curriculum covers essential components of International Commercial Law, such as Contract Law, Corporate Governance, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

From Belgrade to Podgorica:

Prof.dr. Predrag Bjelic brought his expertise to the Faculty of Economics and Business in Podgorica. He delivered an intensive guest lecture as part of the Master’s studies in Economics, focusing on “Macroeconomic Theory and Analysis.”

With the third Call for Proposals of the Move Grants closed yesterday with 204 new applicants, we are confident that we will see many more success stories and academic exchanges in the near future.

Dr Dervishi presenting a lecture in Belgrade
Professor Bjelic In Podgorica