June 12, 2024
News/Events Unstoppable Conference

Message from the Conference Chair

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the Regional Conference on Women and Leadership, we are delighted to welcome researchers, entrepreneurs, Civil Society representatives, leaders, successful women and man across the region and Europe to join us at the conference under the theme: “UNSTOPPABLE” which is scheduled from 20th – 23rd February 2023.

Our concern in this conference is to address the challenges for gender equality in the new decade. We need to identify and question the issues and strategies for the future of women in the current climate of a global pandemic. It is particularly disconcerting how the new pandemic is preserving and perpetuating inequalities of all kinds, including gender inequity. Beyond the troubling daily data stating the loss of lives and the economic decline, the miseries of the marginalised and vulnerable communities persist to tally up behind the scenes. Other equally unsettling phenomena which compel us to radically rethink our approaches include the consequences of globalisation and neoliberal economics, advances in biotechnology, the neoconservative counterattack to women’s rights, media monopolies, and developing information technologies, the surge of identity politics undermining social movements and side-lining women’s issues, and the increase in disease outbreaks, violent conflict, and war.

Thinking through how these may impact the progress of gender equality, women’s human rights, and sustainable human development, we hope to identify an urgent need for women’s movements to evaluate their methods, transform societal patterns, uphold women’s rights, social inclusion, and legal remedies to make women’s futures more effective in ways that would transform everyone’s sense of identity, safety and wellbeing.

The attendees will discuss and learn to navigate the world’s most pressing challenges before women and unravel the biases and address all kinds of existing discrimination that concern women and men. This four-day conference will offer incredible professional development, personal growth, and networking opportunities.

The 2023 gathering will bring together eminent speakers, mentors, and experts in various fields to discuss the pressing issues facing our world today. The conference will feature keynotes, breakout sessions, Storytelling, panels, and workshops.

We hope to deliberate on the various aspects of women’s futures and the unfinished agenda on gender equality during this conference.

We look forward to seeing you and hope you find the event informative and enjoyable.