June 12, 2024
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Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Visegrád 4 and Western Balkans

Western Balkans Fund Executive Director, Mr. Gjergj Murra attended  the Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of V4 and Western Balkans held in Bratislava, on the framework of the Slovak Presidency 2018/2019 of Vishegrad Group aiming to discuss on the possibilities of the cooperation and the European prospective of WB6.

“These joint political formats are a clear indicator of the excellent partnership relations between our two neighborly regions and a formalization of the long-standing commitment that the V4Group have shown towards the Western Balkans (WB) supporting cooperation, stability, development and the European perspective of the WB Region,” said Mr. Murra in his speech.

WBF was created and perceived following the model of the IVF, as a success story of cooperation, with 19 years of history.
The vision of the WBF is to progressively grow and to continue contributing to increase mobility, collaboration, people-to-people contacts and to the maturity of the civil society in the region, directly investing in the networking and developmental capacities, said Mr. Murra.

The WBF Director Mr. Murra in his speech thanked again the VG and the IVF for their continued support, encouragement and ongoing commitment to the Fund.


For more info on the speech of WBF ED Mr. Gjergj Murra in the Conference please click the link below ⇓