June 22, 2024
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Innovation and transparency/ WBF online reporting system

Since the 4th Call for Proposals, launched on November 2021, the Western Balkans Fund has been using a fully automatised online application system.

This has dramatically increased accountability and the transparency of our evaluation system.

However, we are now going beyond, aiming to become one of the few international organisations to use a fully automatised application and reporting system.

The grantees of the 5th Call for Proposals will be the first to have the opportunity to report on their activities 100% online.

The system upgrade eliminates unnecessary paperwork and bureaucracies, making the WBF experience much more enjoyable for our stakeholders.

On Friday, the WBF staff introduced the system to the 5 CfP grantees, receiving the first positive feedback.

We look forward to introducing this system throughout the implementation of current and many new projects in the future.