May 30, 2024
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Info Session in Podgorica, Prishtina, Skopje, Belgrade and Sarajevo

On Monday, 27th November 2023, a team comprising Ksenija Vukmirovic (PgM) and Klevis Gjoni (PR) visited Podgorica to engage with local stakeholders.

On the same day, our team members, Dafina Beqiri (SPM) and Enea Korkuti (PM), met with potential applicants at the Innovation Center Kosovo in Prishtina.

Simultaneously, in Skopje, Ilir Umeri (FAM) and Fjordi Bisha (PM) conducted another Info Session, which was attended by over 30 participants.

Moving to 28th November, the focus of our regional tour shifted to Belgrade, where Uros Citakovic (MEL) and Fjordi Bisha (PM) delivered another informative session.

Lastly, our team members, Anela Valjevac (HR/PM) and Hanan Kovacevic (DGP Ass.), visited Sarajevo and met with potential local beneficiaries on 30th November.

Each of the information session lasted for over 1.5 hours, focusing on the details of the 6th Call for Proposals. Participants were encouraged to apply and take advantage of the largest Regional Grant Scheme of the year, which supports regional projects with funding of up to 15,000 Euros.

With the Regional Tour now over, all the interested stakeholders who want to learn more have the option to follow our Online Info Sessions (to be announced soon) or ask 24/7 a question at our