July 14, 2024
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Inclusion from grammar school Project

For over ten days, our attention has turned towards the WBF Move Grants, the newest grant-giving mechanism launched in mid-March.

However, far from the hundreds of potential beneficiaries engaged last week, dozens of projects funded by the WBF/EU Joint Action are being implemented.

Last week, in Tetovo, teachers from all over the Region connected to cherish and embrace our cultural and religious diversity, visiting, among other landmarks, the ancient Šarena Mosque, “Arabati Baba” Masjid and the Galery of Fine Arts.

Cultural diversity and shared heritage make the Western Balkans unique in the world.

And as WB Region moves towards the EU, understanding and embracing this diversity has become paramount for our future.

The project is currently implemented by EdGuard, with CED and CRCA as partners.

It is part of the 5th Call for Proposals, co-funded by the European Union – IPA, Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance.