March 4, 2024
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Groundbreaking active regional actor

14 September 2021

In a relatively short time, Western Balkans Fund has become a groundbreaking regional actor, focusing on fostering good neighborly relations, enhancing regional cooperation, and promoting soft connectivity.

Despite our limited financial means, we built enduring bridges that unite so many people in the region.

Those are some of the comments of H.E. Ambassador of the Republic of North Macedonia, Dancho Markovski, at the reception of our 4th anniversary.

Partial transcript of the Republic of North Macedonia, H.E. Ambassador Dancho Markovski, representing the WBF 2021 Chairmanship-in-Office

Good evening

Dear colleagues

Partners and friends

It is a great pleasure for me today, on behalf of Macedonian chairmanship-in-office, to address this event marking the fourth anniversary of the Western Balkans Fund.

When we established WBF four years ago, no one could imagine that this organization would become an active regional actor in a relatively short period, focusing on fostering good neighborly relations, enhancing regional cooperation, and promoting soft connectivity.

We all knew that the setting of WBF would not be an easy process. Now, we all must be proud of the success of the joint initiative, providing the region with a body that helps build bridges, personal links and generate positive energies to our societies.

WBF is a groundbreaking regional instrument, signaling new cooperation and mentality taking roots in the Balkans.

As a groundbreaking organization, WBF provides direct support to joint regional projects, aiming to further strengthen the skills of civil society in Western Balkans and pursue regional cooperation and reconciliation with a people to people approach.

From the very first beginning, considering the value of the Fund’s budget, its statistic is impressive. The Fund has supported dozens of grants covering various actions in sustainable development, cultural cooperation, education and research, cross-border, and youth cooperation, etc.

In the capacity of chairmanship-in-office, I would like to thank all the partners and donors who have helped the fund grow over the last four years. But special thanks go to Director Murra, who has managed to realize the vision of WB6 Partners and build up a highly motivated and efficient Secretariat.

It is impressive what this small team produced over these years. However, we do not want to stop here. The regional context and increased demand require nothing but the best organizational excellence from the WBF


I would like to wish you good work and great success in your future activities

Thank you