June 12, 2024
MOVE Grants News/Events Podgorica

Football and Friendship for Gender Equality

Empowering young girls through sports and leadership courses is the next match FK Breznica aims to win!

In an incredible week of camaraderie and skill-building, young girls from FK Breznica, ZFK Mladost Rogatica, and ZFK Biljanini Izvori Ohrid came together in Plevjlja. They played, learned, and embarked on a dedicated program to nurture their potential as future community leaders.

We firmly believe that sports has an immeasurable positive impact on the communities and to the fostering of increased people-to-people links.

The Days of Friendship event in Pljevlja culminated on Sunday, leaving behind beautiful memories and a powerful memorandum for future collaboration between the three clubs. We’re excited about the path ahead and the opportunities it holds for these inspiring young athletes and leaders!

“Football and Friendship for Gender Equality” Project was funded by the Western Balkans Fund through the First Call of the WBF Move Grants.