June 22, 2024
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First “Birds Without Borders” camp held in Macedonia

Representatives of Center for Protection and Research of birds participated at the first cross-border research camp “Birds Without Borders” camp organized on Popova Sapka in Macedonia and hosted by the Biology research student association. Participants of the camps participated in the research of flora and fauna of Shar Mountain, and also shared experiences with the colleagues from the region.

The camp was organized within the project “Birds Without Borders” which is jointly implemented by Center for Protection and Research of birds, Preservation and Protection of Natural Environment in Albania, Macedonian Ecological Society and Ornithological society „Naše ptice” with the aim to empower and strengthen cross-border cooperation of environmental civil society organization working on birdlife protection in the Western Balkans.

This project represents the continuation of the cooperation of the organization working jointly for many years on the Adriatic Flyway, the corridor which millions of migrating birds use during spring and autumn during migration. The project is supported by the Western Balkans Fund, aiming to boost cooperation between Western Balkans 6 members, to strengthen relations and regional cohesion, to advance integration into the European Union.

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