May 30, 2024
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Enhancing Regional Mobility through wheelchair basket

WBF Move Grants have been specially designed to enhance mobility for all the citizens of the Region, including the ones for which moving is the biggest struggle of their lives.

Meet Sasha Dimitrijevic, a well-known and highly respected basketball coach from Skopje who has dedicated his entire life to the world of wheelchair basketball.

Thanks to a Move Grant, Sasha had the opportunity to travel to Sarajevo and Nis, where he actively participated in training sessions and collaborated with fellow professionals in this field.

“Over time, basketball has become an integral part of my life. It has become my family and is part of my identity”, he underlines. But unlike traditional basketball, he believes the wheelchair basket has a much more powerful force to shape lives.

We are confident that by sharing training methods, organizing joint competitions with regional partners, improving logistics, and implementing the latest physical techniques, Sasha and his partners can make a huge impact.

And by doing that, they are ultimately contributing not only to the players and their communities but to the entire Western Balkans Region, where, thanks to wheelchair basket, a new cooperation bridge has been built!