July 14, 2024
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Emin Kurtanovic completes his Fellowship at WBF

Emin Kurtanovic, 22 years old, from Sarajevo, completed a two-week-long internship at the Secretariat.

With a background in Marketing, Emin worked closely during his fellowship with the PR and MEL Officers of the Fund, becoming a valuable addition to the team at a crucial time when we administered two open Calls for Proposals and many other important events.

“It is an honor to work with the team behind the WBF, and I am sure that the skills I have gained here will help me greatly in my future endeavors. I feel it is important to learn more about the work and interconnection of our great region,” he says.

We would like to publicly thank him for his dedication and the remarkable skills he demonstrated during the fellowship.

We have always been very lucky with our interns, who are living proof of the amazing talent and energy of the Western Balkans Region. We look forward to expanding this pool further in the future.