July 22, 2024
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1 July 2022/

In June, Western Balkans Fund decided to support six more regional projects. They tackle essential issues that disturb our society, including sexual harassment, gender and disability equality, sustainable growth, environmental protection, innovation and more.

In the past month, we also were busy completing a record of 23 Info Sessions, Info Days and Mentorship Sessions.

For the first time, we piloted Info Days in selected Contracting Parties. For the first time, Mentorship Session was tailor-made in each official language of the Western Balkans.

It was also a month in which many of our current projects held significant events and continued their implementation.

A great moment, indeed, to be part of the Western Balkans Fund. You can now find the highlights of June in our monthly Newsletter, which is supported financially by the International Visegrad Fund.

June 2022 Newsletter