May 30, 2024

Dođi na Amfi

Dođi na Amfi, vol.8 (July 18-21, 2019)” – regional hip hop festival was officially opened by the representatives of KOM018, WBF and French Institute from Nis on July 20th, and lasted by late hours of July 21st. During the festival, over 36 young and talented artists from the WB6 and V4 region, along with over 70 artists from Serbia had the opportunity to perform, exhibit and compete over their talents via four hip hop culture disciplines (hip hop dance, beat making, video and photography, and graffiti making). Over 10000 of visitors from Nis and the region have enjoyed the program which was primarily all about promotion of positive social values via the hip hop culture. Moreover, the visitors, but participants of the festival as well, have enjoyed the performances of the well-known hip hop artists (ie. Demonio, Furio Đunta, Mali Mire, Aristocrat music – Struka, Kendi, Papi Jaaz, Igla, Grzi, Meta, Sick Prine, Bad copy, Fox), but local non-affirmed artists as well.

“Come to Amfi / Dođi na Amfi” hip hop culture festival has been held for the eighth time in a row, and is proving to be an important and effective tool for support and promotion of young talented people from the region (and beyond the region); and is proving to be a sustainable tool for promotion and nurturing of the positive social values via hip hop culture on a regional manner as well. At the end, the good energy, happiness, joy, cooperation and new friendships of involved participants at the festival, but the great satisfaction and ovations gained from the visitors can be seen on few photos, and importantly on the video production which is about to be compiled and prepared by ““Come to Amfi / Dođi na Amfi” hip hop culture festival professionals.

“Come to Amfi, vol.8” is a part of the Street Art Balkans, vol.2 project, funded by the WBF and the IVF, and implemented by “KOM 018” from Nis, in direct partnership with CSO’s from the WB6 and V4 region.