July 14, 2024

Detailed information related to the Evaluation Process of the First Call for Regional Project Proposals

Detailed information related to the Evaluation Process of the First Call for Regional Project Proposals

Western Balkans Fund (WBF) is at the final stage of the evaluation process of the First Call for projects proposals, closed at 22nd of December 2017. Out of 351 project applications 292 applications have passed the eligibility check.

Individual evaluation of proposals has been carried by the experts of the Fund which made the ranking of the projects based on the criteria of the Call. In this regard, three evaluation units were established consisting internal and external evaluators; each unit evaluated equal number of project applications. Individual Evaluation was conducted for each of the allocated project proposals and was followed by Consensus Report that faithfully reflected the views of the assessors and the scores awarded. The following main criteria have been taken into consideration:

  1.  Regional impact
  2.  Project partnership relevance
  3.  Dissemination and promotion potential of the project
  4.  Cost effectiveness
  5.  EU integrations relevance

The shortlisted projects per each Contracting Party were presented to the Evaluation Panel that took place at WBF premises from 14th to 16th of February 2018. For the Evaluation Panel to rank best projects, each unit had to present and justify their selection as shortlisted projects.

Each panel member was actively involved into the discussion that helped better understanding of the project. After the presentations coming from all units, Evaluation Panel members were invited to establish a ranking list of five projects per Contracting Party (three recommended and two in the reserve list) starting from the highest to the lowest ranked project.

After the Evaluation Panel, WBF Secretariat submitted the Evaluation Report together with the shortlisted projects to the Council of Senior of Officials (in the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of WB6) for the final approval on the winning projects. The selected projects will be deliberated at the Official Consensus Meeting of the Council of Senior Officials, where afterward the official list of winning projects will be announced at the WBF web page and all other social media channels by the end of March.