June 22, 2024

Deputy MFA Fino: Paving a path of progress and growth

05 October 2022/

On behalf of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs of Albania, as a host country, Ms Megi Fino, Deputy Minister, delivered a speech at the 5th Anniversary Reception.

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Dear Executive Director


Ladies and Gentlemen

I am delighted to address you on this special occasion of the Western Balkans Fund’s Fifth Anniversary.

It was still fresh in our minds when the Fund was established, coming as a result of the shared political will of our governments with the purpose of fostering regional cooperation and boosting good neighbourly relations in the Western Balkans.

Today, we are witnessing a growing consolidated Western Balkans Fund, a sustainable and visible regional organization enshrined by its core mission of being created by the Region and for the Region.

It is encouraging to observe that this possibility of cooperation is motivating people from the Region and beyond to come together with the joint ideas of cooperation, overpassing boundaries and preconceptions, as this truly promotes strong connectivity and the links between the people of our beautiful Region and it had enjoyed the unreserved support of the host country, the Albanian Government and the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs since the first day of its establishment.

In this regard, please also allow me to give special thanks to the ministries of the Western Balkans 6 for their commitment and leadership in establishing the Wester Balkans Fund just a few years ago and their support for the Fund’s work.

Our deep appreciation goes to the European Union, the Swiss government, the International Visegrad Fund, the Government of Japan, Peace Nexus and all the representatives of the international community present here in this event today for the support and trust they have provided the Fund to date.

Finally, allow me to please commend director Gjergj Murra and the Western Balkans Secretariat team for all their hard work and dedication.

As I see the Fund today, I am certain that the Wester Balkans Fund will continue paving a path of progress, and growth and promoting its mission of pursuing goals of regional cooperation for many years to come.

Congratulations on the Fifth Anniversary and the many more to come.

Thank you.